I have always admired Shannen’s work. When I asked her to do my prom pictures about a year ago I knew I would be working with such a great photographer, but I had no idea I would gain such a great friend too. Shannen has taken all of my photos and has become my lifelong photographer and dear friend. Her work speaks for itself — raw and beautiful. She is talented beyond words and is a great people-person. Her approach to photography is rare because she completely caters to your vision, and she delivers the best results. I am so thankful for the many experiences I have had to model for her. I could write all day about her because she is such a rare gem, but I will finish by saying, if Shannen Speer isn’t taking your pictures then who is?
— Olivia G., 2016 Senior Model

An overall testimony... It was so comfortable, which was a big deal for us. Some people can make you feel awkward, but we felt so comfortable! We had fun — true fun! It wasn’t all necessarily about the shoot but more about the enjoyment! It was not only fun and enjoyable, but romantic. It was honestly one of the best days of our engagement. Not to mention the photos were amazing!
— Kelsey H.

As soon as Shannen advertised her prom shoots, I jumped at the chance to have our pictures done! I had seen Shannen’s work and I knew she was talented, but she exceeded my already high expectations. She was so sweet, even when the shoot got “interesting” haha. She was very personal and allowed me to use some of my own ideas. She really catered to how I envisioned things. I received my pictures two days later, and they were incredible! I cannot wait to have her do my senior pictures! I say if Shannen isn’t taking your pictures, then you are crazy!
— Olivia G.

I truly enjoyed working with Shannen for my shoot. She makes you feel super comfortable in such an “awkward” time. She goes out of her way to capture a good shot. You can truly tell she loves what she does, and even more, she loves to see you enjoy it too. I would definitely recommend her to photograph your pictures for ANY time. She’ll make them look lovely. Thank you again Shannen for such a wonderful experience.
— Kelsee W.

Having Shannen take our group pictures was so fun. It was really exciting. She’s done previous Valentine’s pictures for me, and it’s always so fun having her take my pictures. She is always so excited about taking pictures. It’s such a good vibe and feel when she’s around with her camera. She’s really creative and knows at what angle to take her pictures. It’s always a good feeling when she compliments you while she’s doing your pictures or tells you how good they are turning out. One of my favorite things about Shannen is that she always wants to make sure you get the exact pictures you want and will make you feel comfortable. If you tell her you want a picture a certain way she is always like, “YESSS, OF COURSE.” Definitely one of my favorite photographers!
— Seila R.

Working with Shannen was a great experience. She is such an amazing photographer and I’m glad I chose her to do my senior pictures. During the shoot, she would go to the full extent to make sure she got the best shot. She even laid on the sidewalk to get a great shot of me. I recommend her to everyone who wants great pictures. Shannen is also very kind and fun to do a shoot with. Get your pictures done by Shannen!
— Matthew A.

I loved shooting my senior pictures with Shannen! She’s so down to earth and really made everything fun and comfortable for taking pictures! I highly recommend her photography because she’s very creative in her ideas, fun to be around, and knows what she’s doing! Also she doesn’t make you feel like she’s just doing it for the money, it’s really hanging out and having fun! We went and got funnel cakes after we shot the pics so if you don’t let her take your pictures idk you’re probably missing out on a funnel cake and that’s some serious personal problems you’re gonna deal with.
— Laura C.