Fashion. I love giving my clients an editorial experience, not your everyday session. These images may be the last professional photographs you take until your wedding day, so I want these photos and your experience with me to be memorable. 

Emotion. The reason why I create is due to the warmth I feel from looking back at an old photo and remembering every single moment that occurred during it. This is the type of tender emotion I want to draw out from you when you reflect on your images.

Authenticity. As much as I love seeing you beam with excitement of what's to come, I don't want you to forget who you are today. I want you to be able to look back on these images and remember that special time in your life and more importantly, who you were.


After you have read through the information on my website and sent in a contact form, we will set up an ice cream or coffee date. The pre-session consult starts all the fun. When we meet, I'll ask you all sorts of questions about what you like to do, what your passions are, what kind of music you like, what your dream photoshoot consists of, etc. I will show you a folio book of my prices and available products to get an idea of your investment. Towards the end of our consult, I'll have you and a parent sign a few contracts and pay the booking fee for the session of your choice. Leading up to our session, I'll be sure to stay in touch concerning the perfect outfits, hair, makeup, and locations for the shoot.


It's the big day! You will visit with one of my hair and makeup artists for about 1.5 hours before your shoot to be pampered and dolled up with beautiful, professional makeup application and hair styling. She will create a look that compliments your wardrobe, facial features, and skin color. After you are finished, we will meet at our desired location to shoot for 1.5-2 hours and capture your images in the beautiful golden hour, sunset light. Our makeup artist and hair stylist will join us on location for any needed touch ups and makeup changes. We will shoot an assortment of poses and expressions, while listening to a playlist that consists of your favorite songs and artists to get you completely in your element.


About 2-3 weeks after your session, we schedule an in-home gallery reveal and product ordering session. I bring an assortment of sample products for you to touch and feel, so you know exactly what you're buying. We then gather the family around to view your images. We will talk products, print collections, and the importance of having them printed from a high quality, trusted lab source versus drugstore. We will walk around your home and measure walls so you may have the perfect sized prints for your parents to show off. After completing your order, prints should be ready in 2-4 weeks. I will hand deliver them to you once they are ready.