Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento is another town in Italy by the coast. It's different from Positano because it has more city life and is larger in size and population.

During our stay in Sorrento, we took a boat trip to visit Capri, an island in the Gulf of Naples. It was a trip of a lifetime! We went with a group who we quickly became good friends with. It was about a 30 minute boat ride to Capri. We saw other islands and historical landmarks along the way. We even saw Dolce and Gabbana's home! The scenery was so beautiful; there are no words to describe how magnificent it all was. Even our guide was beautiful (heart eyes). We all jumped off the boat and into the Gulf of Naples, the clearest and most refreshing water I've been in in ages! It was amazing to look down and see my legs in the water, something you wouldn't normally see in the Atlantic! I swam through a cave that was lit bright green and into another cave that was pitch black inside but had water that was glowing blue! We also went on a chairlift that led to a very high mountain with some amazing views.

I've seen sights worth a lifetime, and I want to share some memories with you!